Adult Bullies

Stonewalling is a tactic commonly used by bullies wanting to control, humiliate, and frustrate a target who attempts to resolve a conflict through reasonable discussion or negotiation. Accusations of mental deficiency, harassment, and even bullying, are other typical methods of asserting dominance, intimidating the target, and discouraging objections to the abuse from both victim and bystanders. To the insightful […]

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This is why Mark Conlee’s attorney sent a letter on his behalf stating that the Conlee’s and I cannot be in the same room together. That certainly was not my opinion, I am an adult and I can talk in a civil manner to discuss a problem. Mark Conlee, Mark Holland and Ron Dinwiddie made sure that my voice was not heard at two of the Mayor Sciumbato council meetings when I had the floor. They were not going to allow me to speak or allow a discussion to take place with me and any other party rules simply did not apply to any issue in my case.

The other Sciumbato council meeting I directed a question to the Mayor and Dinwiddie attending the meeting as a citizen took over the meeting giving Mayor Sciumbato and the citizens in attendance false information. Dinwiddie took over the meeting from his seat in the audience. Dinwiddie had his chance to speak when he was the Mayor but he avoided any questions from me. Yet Former Mayor Ron Dinwiddie has the personal knowledge of my behavior to publicly defame my character to the general public by stating that I am “crazy”.  I would like to know exactly what behavior of mine Mayor Dinwiddie witnessed that he determined my mental state to be “crazy”.

I had the floor at a city council meeting when Sciumbato was Mayor, for a short amount of time. I followed the standard procedure required to address the council. I stood and stated my name and address. Before I could utter my first sentence former building official Mark Holland attending this meeting as a citizen jumped up in my face and was hollering “who is Bob Dodds”, “who is Bob Dodds? He has sat as a council member many years and he knows full well the rules to address the council. He certainly had no concern about any rules his intent was to keep me silent. He should have been embarrassed by his immature behavior and inability to follow the rules that were just read by the Mayor as they are at every council meeting. I was embarrassed for him. Is that the way a reasonable person behaves?

I know of no other time when a citizen has the floor and another citizen attending the meeting jumps up ranting in the face of the one who has the floor. Of course there is no mention of this in the meeting minutes. My five minutes were up I was unable to ask my question. I exited the meeting with no answers. The meeting minutes does reflect that Jeff Junkins asked if they were going to answer my questions as I was walking out the door. The meeting minutes of the following month there is mention of a need for a podium. Has  standard procedure been followed  Mark Holland would have been escorted out of the meeting. This type of behavior is typical in the ten year timeline of my experience in attempting to get remedy for the illegal property redevelopment that the City building official (Mark Holland) issued illegal permits for nonconforming structures. They can not escape the fact that they acted together, to deprive me of my right to enjoy my own property and to deprive me of equal protection of the law. These offenses are both violations of Federal Law. I will not cease in my duty to report public corruption to the proper authorities. I demand access to the courts and demand to be compensated for my damages by the right given to every other citizen of the United States.

Mr. Holland to answer your question “who is Bob Dodds”, he was at the time the Lee County Extension agent, an expert in drainage law. He had the professional courtesy to come to the location of the illegal property redevelopment that you issued and approved illegal  building permits for. I requested you to do your appointed duty as city building official multiple times, you refused your duty and made the statement that you had no intention of coming to the location to address my concerns about the nuisance drainage issue that had adverse effects and caused my property to lose $10,000 in assessed value, that was only assessed value on my lots #1-3.  Bob Dodds pointed out issues concerning the illegal building permits you issued for Mark Conlee’s legally nonconforming property that I had not noticed. There are very few members of the Dinwiddie administration who have clean hands in the violation of my rights. Mark Holland you have soot on your hands, you know it and I know it. Your behavior was that of a person desperate to cover up illegal criminal actions. I would like to know why you and the others who participated in assisting Mark Conlee in his criminal enterprise would put yourself at risk of being charged with serious criminal offenses. What is it that you got in return for aiding and abetting Mark Conlee. I would bet my home, business, property and health that when push comes to shove he will not have your back or anyone else’s for that matter. He will probably take a deal and throw you under the bus. What happened really is not his fault, your duty was to prevent this type of thing from happening. I believe you were taken for a fool by Mark Conlee.  You acted like a fool as it at this meeting. A podium has never been needed before this time when you could not control your behavior. I doubt if there has been another outburst from a citizen attending a council meeting since. Hope you find it comforting that I am embarrassed for you in what has not been yet exposed to the general public. I have no sympathy for you, just embarrassed for your family and the community who believes you to be the upstanding community member that you misrepresent yourself to be. The evidence speaks for itself. When this story is exposed to the public by the media what is your defense going to be. You issued three additional illegal building permits after my request for your attention to the nuisance drainage issue caused by Conlee’s illegal property redevelopment. Mayor Dinwiddie could not be more clear on the law concerning property redevelopment as his stated on public record 8-2-2007 Montrose city council meeting min.

Mark Conlee’s statement on public record indicates he knows the law pertaining to drainage





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