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Educate yourself on this brutality that took place is southeast Iowa and nobody raised an eyebrow.



Police Chief Brent Shipman under color of law violates civil court order citing my right to enjoy my own property. NOTE; staubs broken off at ground level obviously pushed away from fence line from Conlee property by Conlee in the middle of the night.

Attorney Steve Swan representing me was confident in my case against the City of Montrose. Expressing that this witness list in itself would be compelling to the court. Stating these witnesses are experts in their own right and completely unrelated to each other. They are actually more related to the City officials by blood and special friendship. Had he submitted any of the affidavits or question the witnesses on the stand in court no doubt this case against the City would have been a slam dunk. Swan lied to me, he never filed a complaint against the CIty of Montrose. Question: Did Steve Swan simply forget that he never actually filed a complaint on my behalf, and told me he did out of error. Or did Steve Swan conspire with Mark Conlee and the CIty of Montrose violating his oath and my Constitutional RIghts to equal protection of the law and Right to enjoy my own property. .
Two out of court settlement offers by the PLAINTIFF to me the DEFENDANT cause of action was LOSS OF ENJOYMENT TO HIS PROPERTY! UNBELIEVABLE PSYCHOPATHIC TRAIT.  This evidence proves Conlee admits to causing the nuisance drainage problem to my property. This evidence was suppressed from the court by my Attorney Steve Swan. QUESTION: was failing to submit this evidence a simple mistake by my Attorney Steve Swan or was Steve Swan conspiring to deprive my Constitutional RIghts to enjoy my own property and equal protection of the law.

This was done on behalf of one man who redeveloped his legally nonconforming property into illegally nonconforming property. The building permits issued are illegal. Applying chemicals to the property of another person is illegal. I repeatedly requested the City and County Attorney to file a complaint on my behalf. I was repeatedly denied my right to file a criminal complaint. The existing conflict of interest was just to extreme for any of these officials to follow the law. This is a conspiracy deprivation of rights under color of law. In order for him to legally plat it on the County map he had to acquire ownership of my property. He used chemical warfare to accomplish his agenda. This was intentional to cause me bodily harm or death, defined by law as attempted murder  Poisoned by my Neighbor from Hell is a partially compiled web site blog. There are many more criminal offenses committed against me that I have yet to post. Any public exposure is welcome. They know I have the evidence or I am sure a defamation of character complaint would have been filed against me. They have file many frivolous complaints on Mark Conlee’s behalf. I admit I did give him the finger. that is not a crime Mr, Short,

Melody Boatner

4 thoughts on “Society of Environmental Journalists

    1. I need help getting this story out nation wide. This is unprecedented intentional brutal attack using chemicals as a weapon to cause me physical harm. It cost me everything, my property was taken by local authorities who conspired to kill me to acquire it!


    1. The effects toxic chemicals had on my skin when intentionally exposed by unlawful application by neighbor on my property. He had to have my property to make his legally recordable on county plat map. Constitutional Rights say property is NEVER to be taken. Mine was and I need to know what steps to take to get compensated. I only get more angry with every day that passes, what the hell is the reason that law enforcement did not file a trespassing complaint against this person who violated every law in regard to this situation. He sued me for loss of enjoyment of his property, his case was dismissed. He tried to use his position as council member to make me take down the curtain. I plead not guilty to every ridiculous charges he would come up with and law enforcement would actually issue me a summons. Lets see, twice the citation stated that Mark Conlee “said” Mel Boatner drove by his home and flipped him the middle finger. This was being charged by the State of Iowa, Lee County attorney. How many government officials does it take to recognize that giving someone the finger is not against the law. I can count two of the top of my head. I was literally begging the county attorney to recuse himself as the conflict of interest was so bad that he was issuing me summons for fabricated laws. How does one pretend to be so stupid. This man was poisoning me with chemical applied to my property, the photo evidence is indisputable. The county attorney laid the photo down and stated that Mark Conlee said he was only applying it to the base of his side of the fence. WHAT? He denied my trespassing complaint against Conlee stating that he does not prosecute neighbor on neighbor disputes. What he just fabricated laws that it is against the law to give someone the finger and criminally charged me for the fake law. I am being physically harmed and I am denied the right to file a trespassing complaint, this was after his civil court case against me was denied, the judge citing my right to enjoy my own property. CONTEMPT? County attorney told me to take him to contempt court. Just to play the game I walked over to the clerk of court and told her the county attorney told me to come there to file a contempt of court complaint. Guess what she said? She advised me that I had no authority to file a criminal complaint, only the county attorney has that authority. Then the county attorney advised me that he would decide who gets prosecuted in his county. WHAT? His duty clearly states is to prosecute all criminal offenses committed in his county. Then he mentioned something about he would have to have an independent investigation. What does that even mean? None of my “compelling witnesses” have ever been interviewed by anyone. I emailed him back and told him I did want an investigation into the city clerk committing document fraud, altering city code and demanding the the payment for my water bill has to come out of my pocket. The county attorney never responded, he recently retired. Do you think the new county attorney has my information on his desk, surely when a city clerk commits criminal offenses they at least are terminated. But I think most are prosecuted, she was clearly conspiring to cause me financial harm on behalf of my neighbor and newly elected council member’s behalf. That rings of conspiracy against my rights. He was obsessed with getting me charged with anything he could come up with. He stated in the civil court case that I had an older home but I always kept it up nice. Then he spends a week after work at city hall, with the clerk, going over the code books. He has decided he can get me for nuisance weeds. So he puts chemicals on the city’s easement which was a gully, neither side could be mowed, it had tiger lillies that were naturally grown every year. Beautiful tiger lilies. So as a council member he assumes the authority of the Street dept and applies chemicals on the city’s easement. A few days later I see him come home during lunch. He never came home for lunch. I see him take a camera down to the ditch. He is snapping off pictures so proud of his achievement. Now he is going to get me for nuisance weeds. Well he did not think it though because that ditch happens to be the point source for a large area of the towns stormwater head waters. The water dumps into a back slough of the Mississippi River. The next rain the chemicals run downstream into the slough and across the property of two neighbors. The chemicals kill all living things. The neighbor calls the EPA. The city street dept director did get a warning letter from them stating all the violations the city had not complied to. The city did not do it. My lovely neighbor who was so desperate to have my property to make his legal did it. The illegal use of chemicals is a violation of Federal law. Does the character I describe seem to have a personality disorder? Yeah, and everyone fell for his gaslighting, lying, and manipulations. How much taxpayer money went to pay attorneys and court costs for his obsession to get me charged with a crime. He made fools of everyone except me. A city full of stupid officials that committed criminal offenses on his behalf without blinking an eye. Does this story fit a violation of Federal law in public corruption? I have much more. I just could not make this man stop applying chemicals to my property without taking his life, as he was taking and took mine.


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