I have to blame the local media.

I saddens me to know that some of the local media know full well that due to their unwillingness to print articles that local government officials have clearly acted in the recent past in violation of ethical rules, some evidence supports have participated in serious criminal offenses the citizens are basically being bamboozled. Silence by the press is not the moral route to go. Why is it that they refuse to print articles that there is existing evidence that the incumbents have violated the law? This seems to be a choice to fool the general public. This makes fools out of the people who have no clue who the person really is that they have continued to elect, term after term. I for one would like to know anything that has been reported about all elected officials. If the information is out there but being suppressed by the media, why is it being suppressed? I do not understand for a minute how covering up allegations made against government officials is no less that conspiracy to suppress evidence that some citizens would not support. I believe the media has the duty to print both pro and con articles about every elected official. By not doing so only makes the people victims of those they support only because they do not have access to the history of a corrupt elected official. There are many types of corruption that elected officials get away with unknowing by the public. Ethical violations, personal financial gain, you can bet if someone has been in a authority role for more than a couple terms the reason is past the point of them being a community servant. I can tell you they are there for self serving purposes. That goes for City, State, and Federal elected officials. Blame the media not the official, greed is human nature, temptation is not easy for a man to resist. Serving the public is a joke these days, it should be a requirement for the media to publish all information they receive about any prospective candidate or incumbent.

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