This is an unprecedented case who is accountable?

Ok, I have been in contact with every agency that I thought may have some answers for my in regards to my situation. Now again I am asking for answers to some very simple questions that in my opinion are solely to pass the buck.

  1. In regards to redevelopment of legally nonconforming properties
    1. If the city building official issues illegal permits, the redeveloper builds nonconforming structures causing foreseeable damage to the neighboring property and the building official refuses to address the concerns of the neighbor. What agency at the State level oversees the local building officials in the State of Iowa?
  2. If a law enforcement officer represents himself as an authority outside of his jurisdiction as public official when he has no authority what State official has the authority to hold the officer accountable?
    1. This officer is acting of behalf of a family member with no regard to the conflict of interest.
  3. If a neighbor criminally trespassed on your property by unlawfully applying toxic chemicals and you are denied access to the court who is the State authority who oversees law enforcement provides equal protection of the law?
    1. If the unlawful toxic chemical continue to be unlawfully applied to the property of another person, and the owner has no control of what takes place on their own property who is the State has the authority to assure equal protection of the law is not denied any citizen?
    2. The County attorney has the duty to prosecute all criminal offenses in his county. Who in the State has the authority to assure a conflict of interest is not ignored in order to protect public officials from being criminally prosecuted?
    3. At what point a person is denied the right to enjoy their own property does this violate the property owners Federal right to enjoy their own property, equal protection of the law and taking without just compensation?

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