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The Criminal Division is charged with the responsibility of enforcing federal criminal laws in the Southern District of Iowa. The Criminal Division has a total of 24 prosecutors posted across the District–including in the Des Moines headquarters office and in the District’s two branch offices in Council Bluffs and Davenport. These prosecutors work closely with paralegals, legal assistants, victim witness specialists, and others to fulfill these responsibilities, along with a wide variety of federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies and federal grand juries empaneled to investigate violations of federal law.

Terrorism and National Security
The fight against terrorism is the highest priority of the U.S. Department of Justice, and the U.S. Attorney’s Office is dedicated to combating and defeating terrorism. We work with our partners in law enforcement, the intelligence community, the military, and diplomatic circles to investigate, prosecute, disrupt and prevent terrorism. Criminal Division attorneys work with the Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council and an intelligence specialist in pursuing this important mission.

Fraud and CorruptionCriminal Division attorneys investigate and prosecute complex fraud, public corruption, and financial crimes that the federal government is uniquely qualified to handle.

    • Criminal Division attorneys participate in a Working Group, along with the office of Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller, to pursue mortgage fraud cases, along with investigating agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Department of Housing and Urban Development–Office of Inspector General, and the FDIC-Office of Inspector General.
    • Criminal Division attorneys play a leading role in the Iowa Health Care Fraud Task Force, which identifies cases involving medicaid fraud, insurance fraud, and other types of health care fraud for investigation and prosecution. Federal agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Department of Health and Human Services–Office of Inspector General, as well as the Iowa Attorney General’s Office and state agencies also participate in these efforts.
  • Criminal Division attorneys pursue other types of fraud and public corruption cases with these same agencies, as well as with the United States Postal Inspection Service, the Internal Revenue Service–Criminal Investigation, and the United States Social Security Administration–Office of Inspector General, among other agencies.

Narcotics Trafficking and Violent CrimeWorking with both the United States Drug Enforcement Administration and a wide variety of state and local drug enforcement task forces, Criminal Division attorneys investigate and prosecute federal criminal offenses involving the unlawful importation, possession, distribution, and manufacture of controlled substances, including methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, ecstacy, and marijuana, as well as prescription drug abuse. Criminal Division attorneys also handle cases involving violent crime, such as armed bank robberies, unlawful possession of firearms (as part of the Department’s Project Safe Neighborhoods program), arson, and violent crime associated with narcotics trafficking.

Computer Crimes, Child Exploitation, and Human TraffickingCriminal Division attorneys, working with the Iowa Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) and other agencies, prosecute a broad range of computer-related crimes, with special emphasis on crimes that involve the sexual exploitation of children and Internet child pornography, including as part of the Department’s Project Safe Childhood Program. Criminal Division Attorneys, along with victim-witness specialists and others, also work to investigate and prosecute interstate prostitution, human trafficking, the enticement of children across state lines for immoral purposes, and unregistered sex offenders who travel across state lines in violation of the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA).

Environmental and Wildlife CrimesCriminal Division attorneys, working with both the Environmental Protection Agency and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, investigate and prosecute criminal violations of federal environmental laws, including violations relating to the improper disposal and storage of hazardous materials and violations of the Clean Water Act and the Clean Air Act. Criminal Division attorneys also work with the United States Fish & Wildlife Service in pursing cases involving interstate trafficking in unlawfully taken wildlife and similar crimes.

Immigration Crimes and Program FraudCriminal Division attorneys handle a variety of offenses involving the integrity of government programs, such as those administered by the Social Security Administration, the Small Business Administration, the Veteran’s Administration, and the Railroad Retirement Board. Criminal Division attorneys also work closely with the Department of Homeland Security and its agencies to prosecute violations of the immigration laws, such as visa fraud, alien smuggling, and unlawful reentry to the United States following deportation.

Civil RightsCriminal Division attorneys, together with the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice, assess complaints alleging violations of the criminal civil rights laws and, in appropriate cases, conduct grand jury investigations and initiate criminal prosecutions for civil rights violations.

Appellate UnitThe Criminal Division’s Appellate Unit handles the office’s criminal appeals before the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals, which is the federal appellate court with jurisdiction over cases arising from Iowa and several neighboring states. Additionally, the Appellate Unit, in consultation with the Department of Justice, decides when to seek appellate review of trial level rulings adverse to the United States, and coordinates with the Department of Justice if further review of cases arising from the Southern District of Iowa is sought before the United States Supreme Court.

Asset Recovery Team–Forfeiture and CollectionsThe Criminal Division’s Asset Recovery Team supports the prosecution of criminal and civil forfeiture cases and enforces and collects criminal and civil debts, including restitution for victims in criminal cases. In addition to litigating civil forfeiture cases, this team of specialists provides support to Criminal Division attorneys on all criminal forfeiture issues. Forfeiture attorneys and paralegals work with federal law enforcement agencies, assisting their criminal investigations by identifying assets subject to forfeiture and developing evidence for seizure and forfeiture. The team also collects criminal debts, such as fines and restitution orders, and civil debt to federal agencies, such as student loans and federally-guaranteed mortgages, and works with Criminal Division attorneys to identify assets that can be used for restitution to crime victims.


The Civil Division of the U.S. Attorney’s Office represents the United States and its departments and agencies at both the trial and appellate levels in civil actions filed in the state and federal courts in the Southern District of Iowa. The activities of the Civil Division include defensive civil litigation, affirmative civil enforcement actions and miscellaneous matters.

Defensive Litigation
The types of defensive cases handled by the Civil Division include tort cases filed against the United States under the Federal Tort Claims Act; claims against individual employees of the United States alleging constitutional violations (also known as Bivens Actions); discrimination cases brought by federal employees based upon race, color, sex, religion, national origin, disability or age; review of administrative action under the Administrative Procedures Act; and appeals of denial of Social Security disability claims.

Affirmative LitigationThe Civil Division brings civil affirmative actions under the False Claims Act to pursue false claims or fraud against the government, Americans with Disabilities Act and the Fair Housing Act and other statutes designed to enforce civil rights, as well as environmental statutes and other health and safety laws.

Miscellaneous MattersCertain miscellaneous matters are also handled by the Civil Division, including summons enforcement action on behalf of the Internal Revenue Service, subpoenas to federal officials, commercial litigation to collect debts owed the United States and protect the government’s interests in bankruptcy and foreclosure actions.

Updated December 22, 2016
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18 thoughts on “US Dept of Justice, US Attorney for the Southern District of Iowa

    1. Its more like fighting the city, county and State of Iowa. You throw them all into a bag and it doesn’t really matter who rolls out. They have all proved to be more dedicated to a psychopath than they are in upholding there duty to keep citizens from harm. At this point I have made contact with the Feds. There is some information what is very relevant that I need access that the Feds do have, that could prove the locals have lied. I quite often hear about people getting charged for lying to the Feds. I want these people tortured just as they tortured me.


  1. update the letter states that the statute of limitations has expired. May it also be noted that Senator Charles Grassley forwarded the information and evidence to the FBI in 2007, the US Attorney has only recently received information about me submitting a complaint from me when I recently sent him a few emails. Why does it take eleven years for a victim of a violation of Federal law to be recognized? Statute of limitations is not going to fly with me. The statute of limitation that was given to my neighbor to apply chemicals unlawfully to my property was until he eliminated me. which took 10 years, then it was only because a law enforcement officer stopped at my home and advised me that Mark Conlee was not going to stop using the chemicals as a weapon until he eliminated me.


  2. new update it seems the statute of limitations has not expired the most recent act of conspiracy took place in april 2017. The next excuse the AUSA used was that my evidence was assumptive, then he must have actually looked at my complaint. Lastly he states the he is going to use attorney discretion and not prosecute the offenders. I don’t know for sure but it seems if he chooses not to prosecute he would be violating his oath of office to uphold the Constitution and be conspiring to violate my rights along with the rest of the local government officials. How can they make the claim that public corruption is held as a high priority. My case oozes of public corruption, this was terrorism, I know because I am the one who felt terrified


  3. I am sorry for your situation..
    I had a friend from Idaho who was basically forced to sell her home after a constant battle with the HOA.. The higher ups banned together.. Her health was being torn down from constant stress and an endless battle.
    Have you installed a security camera to possibly gain evidence?
    Are there any good herbalist in your area that could share remedy’s that would offer relief for your skin? Neem oil or something non-chemical.. ?
    Steroids cause eye damage and severe weight gain in some people..
    I realize your desire to stand your ground, and leaving would make them happy, but for the sake of your health, it would help you recover. I mean no offense, because I am not in your shoes..

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    1. You must have missed part of my story. I am not a storyteller, journalist or writer by any means. After 5 years of constant intentional exposure to the chemicals, I knew I was dying a slow suffering death. One of the only local county law enforcement officers stopped by my house for a visit. He advised em that my neighbor had no intention to stop the chemical attack. His purpose for the assault in the first place was to eliminate me from my private property. They determined chemical attack was the way for him to acquire my private property. Without the additional footage of my property becoming his, he would never be able to get his redevelopment recorded on the County plat map. The structures were simply to large to comply with the State building code and drainage law. He put a farm in the middle of town on a lot that was 70′ W by 300′ long. He actually had to change the frontage off his property to make them fit at all. He diverted all storm water from his lot direct;y onto mine. Uncontrollable flooding as one would expect.
      Iowa law states that no redevelopment of a non conforming property can not have structures with footprints larger than the existing ones. It doesn’t take an engineer to visually see that rule was violated to the highest degree. Iowa law states that a new redevelopment cannot divert more storm water onto a neighboring property than before the redevelopment. The building permits are fraudulent X 2. One of the permits showed no fee was charged to the builder. That is a source of profit for the City. There was no signature of the builder. A signature is required to alleviate the Cities liability. These elites were not on the same page regarding there violations of my State and Federal property rights. They implicated themselves in conspiring to commit a war crime against a civilian. They evidence shows this was a conspiracy against my rights, deprivation of rights under color of law and a violation the Federal fair housing law.
      You are correct in the stress and It is my opinion that stress can kill a human being.
      Back to the point when the office stopped by my home, he informed me that the assault was not going to stop until he had acquired my home, business an quite enjoyment of my private home. It had been over 5 years, it was without question that he was willing to kill me. I was forced to flee from my private property to escape the chemicals. When I fled no only was it unbearable to have anything touch my skin, clothing included, the pain was constant no matter what I did but wearing clothes was excruciating. I was blind and homeless the following four years until I was accepted for disability.
      I will add a link to tell that chapter of my story. Thank you so much for your comment. I feel so alone in this. It has affected every aspect of what I wanted and had achieve for my life. I haven’t been able to sleep with out medications since Spring 2005. I felt terrified that this person was going to burn me out of my home with me in it. I wouldn’t have been able to see him if he were twp foot away from my window. The massive amounts of steroids caused my blindness. Dr. said he had never seen anyone as young as I to have such a serious case of cataracts. I have been treated for the skin condition at University of Iowa Derm. clinic for many years now. The Dr. there literally saved my life. I take methotrexate weekly. The meds cause damage to internal organs, so I can assume the chemicals or the effects of the medications or going to be the cause of my death. The meds do not keep it completely under control. I have flare ups that are so severe I find myself back in the ER and at the Derm clinic. I don’t know what causes these eruptions. There is always an eruption of some kind somewhere on my body. What has happened to me can be considered no less than torture. The Feds advise that no violation of Federal law has been violated. They refused to review my hard copy evidence. They opted for hearsay from the County Sheriff to a third party.
      These public impostors are living large off the guts of my home, business and property while I am forced because of having minimum financial resources am forced to watch everyday. The assault began in 2005, The warfare continued until 2010. The affects to my skin are life long.

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      1. Hi Songboat,
        Yes I did miss that blog post.
        It is very difficult to receive justice when there are so many that stick together.
        Steroids cause cataracts so it is a shame that you were forced to use them in your treatment. Is it possible that you could go after the chemical company? your neighbor poisoned you with their product.. They claim the product is safe and you are proof that it is not.
        It is hard to fight without someone in your corner to back you.

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      2. well the Monsanto cases require that the person has to be diagnosed with cancer before they can be a complainant. The liability in my case lies with the City of Montrose. They allowed the illegal redevelopment. They issued the fraudulent building permits, The Mayor had an existing conflict of interest in that he sold the non conforming lot to my new neighbor. The building admin. refused his duty to address my concerns about the nuisance drainage issue caused by the redevelopment. The city allowed this neighbor’s brother to act as a city building official in this case. The fact is this brother was the County Sheriffs detective at the time. He had no jurisdiction to act as any authority in the City of Montrose. The city clerk committed multiple counts of fraud, in any other case she would be criminally charged. Fraud is a criminal offense. In this case she got a title of higher notoriety, she is now the Executive Manager for the City of Montrose, Ia. She altered ordinances, then the city brought charges against me based on ordinances that do not actually exist. The County attorney who had worked hand in hand with the detective posing as a city building official for 18 years fabricated laws and brought criminal charges against me based on fabricated law. All charges were dismissed. How can this many people be involved in criminal activity and not be charged with conspiracy?

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      3. I hope you can find a good lawyer that does not live in the state. One who will do Pro Bono.
        Since you left, I wonder how the new neighbors are fairing?


      4. He is living high on the hog as far as I know. He is a pathological liar, He is a psychopath. Even if someone calls him out on something he just ignores it and goes on like he has done nothing wrong. As long as nobody investigates him, he will continue to believe the lies he has told. I have no idea what he has told the residents but I can tell you that I have hard copy evidence that will prove he has no credibility.

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      5. And most important and discriminating the city refused to file a trespassing complaint against this neighbor/council member on my behalf. I tried to file a civil trespassing complaint against him and I was told by the clerk of court I could not because trespass is a criminal offense.

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      6. The local Drs had no idea how to treat me. They have never had a case of intentional chemical poisoning. Not to mention that when the EPA field investigator came to take soil samples I told him I just needed to know what the chemical was so I could get specific treatment. He advised me to go to the city council meeting and ask them because it would take 9 months to get the lab reports back. I took his advise, I went to the council meeting and asked what the chemical was. The council members just looked at each other. Nobody offered up an answer, nobody offered to find out what the chemical was. This neighbor, the assailant was sitting in his seat like an innocent school child. He was the one who applied it. The other council members did not know anything was applied. This neighbor is a psychopath. I am serious. I know the traits and he has 9 out of 10

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      7. He sounds it..
        Any decent neighbor would stop using a chemical weed killer knowing it was causing you sickness.. There are many natural products that work just as well.

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      8. He was not doing it for the purpose of controlling weeds. He was doing it on my property with intent to poison me. The evidence could not be more clear. He would have killed me if I had not chose to flee first.

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