Let’s talk about Credibility

It took eleven years for my case to get from Senator Grassley to the AUSA. Of course the AUSA assumes many things, such as he is sure Senator Grassley has not submitted all my evidence to the FBI. I have a personal confirmation that it was Senator Grassley’s intent to forward all the evidence I submitted to him to the FBI. So somebody dropped the ball, it was not me and it was not the AUSA.  The neighbor has committed perjury, right out lied to city council members, and the number of lies he has told I can prove are significant enough that any reasonable man could determine he is not credible. Of course he has connections with the local law enforcement and government officials and I mean close conflict of interest connections. This neighbors brother is a former detective for Lee County Sheriff’s dept. He has the same character traits as the neighbor, he told lies about me early on and I can prove that. The former detective was the biggest liar I had ever known until I met his brother, my neighbor. Perhaps genetic? For one of these reasons this neighbor was held above the law at all times. Either they are afraid of the repercussion that they will face if they do not support every illegal action he has committed or he has such a severe psychopathic personality that he has easily manipulated and convinced others that the lies he tells are true. I know that there is not one person locally who can claim they have ever caught me in a lie about anything. Reading my evidence it is easily determined who has conspired with this neighbor to violate my Federally protected rights. I must stress to have the ability to recognize false statements requires actual READING the documented evidence. 

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