Question for legal scholars or others not scholars

I was speaking with the AUSA. He seemed quite sarcastic in all his statements. One statement in particular I really question. I asked him if you had the authority not to honor the ruling made in the civil court trial. He advised that he could completely ignore that order. I think in order for anyone to violate a court order they would have to appeal that decision. Who can answer that question? If that were the case why even bother with a civil court trial? I think the AUSA is full of himself and lying more often that he has told me the truth. Then he advised me that he would not be the prosecutor if I could ever get a prosecutor to file a complaint on my behalf. My question to that is why is he even involving himself in this case when he has no authority to prosecute? He wouldn’t give me the contact info for the correct prosecutor, not that the correct prosecutor has not been completely convinced of the lies that this sarcastic prosecutor has been willing to accept as fact. Who do these people think they are that they can violate my Federally protected rights any more that the locals already have. Terrorist acts using chemical weapons is a serious criminal offense. I think they have to prosecute crimes that are this serious. Crimes that chemical weapons have been used for force me from my property? According to the incompetent FBI agent is not a violation of Federal law. Where did he get his education?

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