Committing a crime to get my evidence investigated. Dirty rotten bastards.

Apparently I am going to have to commit a crime against one of those who have abused my legal rights. This is why I did not invoke my 2nd amendment right when I had a good shot at this psychopath. I have tried every avenue that I could possible find. I know what my evidence proves.

The fact that no authority has ever taken the time to review my evidence is the real problem in this case. But they simply are not, not when they have the word of credible law enforcement officers. That is a joke. These are the typical impostors you find with every law enforcement dept. All of them together would not make a pimple on a real man’s ass.

Now what to do that will get me in a position that my case will be heard by a jury of my peers? Any suggestions?  Fuck them assholes. Yes I am angry as I have ever been. I will assault any of them that I see in public without hesitation. Will that get me in a position to lay my case out for all to see?

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