Where is former Lee County, Iowa attorney Mike Short?

Mike Short retired after serving himself and others in his organization of legally armed thieves in 2017. He fled from the area or is in deep hiding, I would assume it would be similar to Saddam Hussein hideout if he were still in the area. But I believe he is living large of the stolen money of Lee County residents somewhere in the Southern States. He was the County Attorney here since I can remember and I am 61 years old. He never had anyone run against him that I can remember. He had all the power to take what a person had worked their ass off for and not even bring a criminal charge against them. Dirty Rotten Bastards.

6-26-2007 State vs Boatner, second Complaint on Conlees behalf .jpg
Harassment, (simple misdemeanor) defendant with intent annoy another person by flipping the middle finger, continuously


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