Happy Anniversary to me

19 years ago today I was speaking to a committee on Capital Hill in Washington, DC. I was selected to represent the poor people in the State of Iowa who had the skills to flourish but circumstances beyond their control kept them from the work force. In my case, my child had a rare medical condition and I was the only one familiar with the symptoms that indicated he needed immediate medical attention. I was able to work but I was not willing to let his State medical insurance go. At that time existing conditions were exempt from being covered by most employers. My testimony was regarding if they would change the laws and allow me to have business equipment without effecting my child’s insurance it would be a way for me to flourish. The law were changed and I purchased a property that had all the basic structures I needed to be successful. Complete renovation was needed but I had access to the proper tools and equipment to pull it off. I had my property and all the tools I needed for my upholstery service paid in full in five years. Then ten years later, I got bamboozled by my government officials. They used chemical weapons to eliminate me from my private property for the purpose of one of their own. He had to have my property to get his illegal redevelopment recorded on the county plat map. Effects of chemicals to a human being exposed for over 5 years. No government official has ever reviewed my evidence.

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