I have now been repeatedly advised that the statute of limitations has expired for any court action to be filed on my behalf. I want to express to you all that there is no statute of limitation for torture.

Using chemical weapons against civilians is defined as a War Crime. Chemical weapons were used against me for the purpose of eliminating me from my private property. The chemicals were applied to my property routinely for over 5 years. The effects these chemicals had on my body were torturous.

I contacted Senator Grassley in 2006. The same year that I was sued by this neighbor who had been applying the chemicals to my property. He sued me for loss of enjoyment of his property. His case was dismissed. I had hired an attorney as soon as I was aware of the chemicals applied to my property to file a complaint against the liable party, the City of Montrose, Ia. He advised me that he had filed the complaint.

I did not find out the truth that he had not filed the complaint against the city until the last day of the civil court case that this neighbor sued me. On that day I asked my attorney about the case against the city. He snickered and advised me that he did not want that case.

The judge in the civil case dismissed my neighbors complaint citing my right to use my property as I wished. I felt a sense of relief believing the the chemicals exposure would stop.

I was wrong, the chemicals continued without hesitation. I was denied filing a trespassing complaint by the City police and the County attorney. Why? Because of a conflict of interest with the County Attorney and the Police chief advised he did not want to make this neighbor/council member mad. I can testify that this neighbor has some serious mental issues. Who uses chemicals to expose another human being  for the purpose of causing them harm. The harm was evident by simply looking at my disfigured arms.

The condition is chronic. I continue to travel to University of Iowa Hospital regularly for treatment. I can tell you that my Dr. saved my life. I continue to have random eruptions. The use of chemical was torture. I continued to be tortured and have been every single day since spring 2005.

Senator Grassley advised me that he would take care of the situation. First he advised me to send my packet of evidence to Penny. I did that and there was no action taken on my behalf. Next Senator Grassley advised me that he would request and inquiry on my behalf to the FBI. He advised the FBI would contact me. I waited 5 years and no FBI contacted me. I contacted Grassley again. Again he advised me that he would request another inquiry on my behalf. He advised me to be patient, it takes time.  I waited another 5 years and nobody contacted me from the FBI.

The chemicals continued to be applied to my private property as if this neighbor owned it. In fact I was paying the taxes on it and the deed was in my name but I had no control over what took place on it.

My condition continued to to point it was a full body severe skin condition. A County sheriff officer stopped by my home one day advising me that this neighbor had no intention to stop exposing me to the chemicals. This neighbor has redeveloped the lot he purchase from the Mayor. The building permits are fraudulent and the redevelopment is non complaint to the State building code or drainage law. The only was he could ever get the property recorded on the County plat map was to eliminate me and acquire my property.

I had no protection of the law. My rights were violated in every way possible. My options were to flee, hopefully get control of the severe skin condition and sue these public impostors for the damages I have suffered. Or I could have by rights invoked my 2nd Amendment rights. That would have only continued the torture that I had already been suffering from to long.

I fled, I was homeless the following four years and was blind. The skin condition was so severe it was unbearable to wear clothes.

Now I am advised that the statute of limitations has expired. The timeliness was not due to any of my actions. It was most likely planned by those who were involved in the attack against my person and my property. It took 16 months for me to receive an incident report from the police chief. This was no different than any issue in this case. They stalled in any action involving this neighbor.

I do not know what more to do. I am asking that my fellow citizens contact Senator Grassley and advise him that there is no statute of limitations for torture and advise him that he has a duty to protect his constituents from being violated of their rights under Federal law. The phone number for his assistant John Kaufman is 563-322-4331, he will no longer answer my calls or emails.

This case is unprecedented and as a citizen of the USA my rights are just as relevant as any other citizen. You would not be able to accept being poisoned from your property any more that I. I have suffered nearly 15 years. Nobody has ever reviewed my evidence. Hearsay from the government officials has been taken for facts. The evidence I have will prove they have been less than truthful in any information they have given.

I do not know if this will assist me in having justice served but it certainly can’t make my situation any worse. I will not be the only victim in this act of one sided war. I have only wanted my evidence to be reviewed and the truth be known to expose this crime for what the evidence supports.

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