Random Facts about the attack

You may have been manipulated into believing that I was involved with illegal drug activity by the opposing party of government officials. I witnessed Lee County Sheriff’s officer Bob Conlee make a false statement associating me with a known pot grower. The evidence supports that an incident of mistaken identity may have caused an embarrassing moment for officer Conlee involving me in the past. He took that information out of context. He makeup his own compilation of events stating his version to the public on the police radio.  It was a fluke that I witnessed him make the false statement about me that evening. The timing of this false statement made about me by Officer Conlee was at the same time the attack against my person and my property began.

I want to make a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT at this time. Any of you who are not aware that all Law enforcement officers lie, are in a delusional state of denial. It’s that simple. The days that an officer finds honor in honesty have been long gone.  It is a job requirement to lie in order to protect the thin blue line. 

You may have  been manipulated into believing that I am “crazy” by the opposing party of government officials. I have hard copy evidence that supports my sound mind. I did have an extended period of my life that I was tortured physically and mentally by my government using chemicals as a weapon in a brutal assault against me. During this time the Ft. Madison ER was giving me massive amounts of  IV steroid injections. The purpose was to offer me some relief from the excruciating pain of my skin being raw from the chemical exposure. The evidence proves that I was evaluated and it was determined my hallucinations were caused by IV steroid overdose. I was in the ICU for three days. I can testify that it was a trip.

 You may have been manipulated into believing that  I am a “lazy” person who never takes care of my financial responsibilities or maintaining my home and property by the opposing party of government officials. That is simply not true. I downloaded a copy of my credit score when it was obvious I was not going to be able to make payments on unexpected back to back ER visits.My credit score was 760. These ER visits were an attempt to get some relief from the severe skin condition caused by the intentional application of chemicals to my private property. The chemical exposure rendered with no ability to function. I survived by the generosity of friends. The IV steroid injections caused me significantly more physical disabilities, they cause me to be blind. When I fled from my private property it was the only option I had to attempt to save my life. Being blind and homeless for the following 4 years should not have happened. This terrorist physically assaulted me for over 5 years. My conditions exacerbated within 3 weeks. It was unbearable to simply wear clothes. The local were aware of this and still chose to allow me to be tortured by the actions of this narcissist neighbor. The conflict of interested was taken and used as a way to represent this person and hold him above the law in every fraudulent, immoral terrorist act he committed against me.    


The “rash” that erupted on my shins caused severe intense itching immediately after my skin was exposed to it.. It was not until after the grass had died several days later that I could visually see that chemicals had been unlawfully applied to my property. The chemicals were applied to my side of the 300’ common boundary I shared with a neighbor. It was obvious the chemicals had been applied to my property by my neighbor. Nobody else had access to the property. Nobody else had a reason to eliminate me from my private property.


          Regarding the defamation of my character as being “lazy” and not maintaining my yard to the degree deserving of nuisance abatement notices. Evidence supports my neighbor,

 Mark Conlee stated “even though Mel Boatner has an older home, she maintains it well”, and that was one of the considerations used in determining we (the Conlee’s) would purchase the from Mayor Dinwiddie. 


I was constantly harassed by the City on the Conlee’s behalf. Multiple criminal complaints were filed against me by the State and the City. The charges were with intent to cause financial hardship. The criminal charges based on fabricated laws and ordinances were all dismissed against me.


 I was denied filing a criminal complaint for multiple counts of fraud against the City and city clerk Celeste Cirinna prosecuted by Lee County Attorney Mike Short. Cirinna admitted to altering a city ordinance with Mayor Scumbailto present.


The exposure to the chemicals caused serious severe effects to my health and caused complete depletion of my financial resources. I was completely unable to function. I could not work in my upholstery shop. I was suffering so severely that my skin would erupt and bleed uncontrollably. In the upholstery business that is not acceptable. It was unbearable to simply wear clothes. I was being tortured by the assault with chemical weapons.


           I have no experience in a court of law. I have never needed an attorney to argue a case on my behalf. I was referred to Steve Swan ESQ. Steve Swan advised that he would represent me in filing a complaint against the City of Montrose. Swan advised me that my case is a tort case. He advised me that the person who referred me to him had briefed him on the case. He was advised that I was not financially prepared to find myself defending my Constitutional Rights in a lawsuit. He advised that he was willing to barter his service for mine. He did requested $100 for the filing fee which I paid him that day. I questioned him about his knowledge of the law applying to my case and he was knowledgeable in property law, he agreed that the city is the liable party. Swan advised me that he had already spoken with my neighbor’s brother about this case. He advised that the neighbor’s brother had lied to him about the situation. The neighbor’s brother at the time was an officer for the Lee County Sheriff’s dept Bob Conlee. Swan advised we would file a complaint against both the City and my neighbor. 


The following day I received a copy of a letter of intent Swan sent to my neighbor. In the letter he advised that he had 10 days to remedy the nuisance drainage issue. If there was no remedy in ten days, he would file an injunction. 


  In this case my attorney suppress all the indisputable evidence I had gathered to present to the judge.Steve Swan never filed the complaint he was hired to file against the liable party, the City of Montrose. Steve Swan intentionally misled me into believing he had filed a complaint against the City of Montrose as he was hired to do. It was not until the final day of this civil trial in which I am the defendant that Swan snickered and advised me that he did not want the case against the City. 


You can imagine my confusion when 6 months later I am served a summons by my neighbor. Conlee is suing me for “loss of enjoyment of his property”. 


He continued to  apply the chemicals to my private property, as if it were his own.  I installed a privacy curtain. I am well within my legal rights. I had a reality check at this time. I realized after the fact that my attorney most likely took my case on behalf of the Conlee’s. He never submitted the affidavit of my witnesses. He never questioned my witnesses when they took the stand. These are the same witnesses that he described as “experts in their own right” at our first meeting.He never objected to what the Conlee’s were stating in the multiple times they committed perjury in the courtroom.


Had this judge had been given the evidence supporting my allegations he could have recognized that two or more government officials with the intent to cause me harm deprived me of my private property rights under color of law.  From 2005-2010 the chemicals were routinely applied to my property on a weekly basis.


I felt a sense of relief when in the finding of facts of this case. The Judge cited my “right to use my property as I wished”. I falsely believed the chemical attack would cease with my rights being cited in this ruling. 


I was completely mistaken. This neighbor never complied to any law, code or regulation since he began the property redevelopment. He had no regard for this court order. Law enforcement never enforced compliance to this court order just as they had never held him accountable for any of the other multiple violations of the law he committed.


 With every dismissal of any criminal charges brought against me, this neighbor became more aggressive in his attack to eliminate me from my private property. He was obsessed with making the court find me in violation of a law.


            Prior to being exposed to these chemicals I was in good health. My credit score was 760. I was always aware, as a self employed business owner, maintaining my health was a high priority. I did practice preventive maintenance. 


As any other reasonable US citizen, I never expected a neighbor or my government to wage a full on attack against me using chemical weapons. I expected as a US citizen to be safe and secure in my home and on my private property. I expected to always have the right to enjoy my private property. Federal law protects these rights guaranteed to all citizens. The hard copy evidence supports a premeditated intent to violate my Federally protected rights. 


I was aware that at some point the government would put a stop on this neighbor’s non compliant property redevelopment. Had standard procedures been followed by the City building administrator this project would have never gotten started. This neighbor had blueprints of his redevelopment. The building administrator is required to review the blueprints. This project would have been denied without question had the building administrator represented the State as he did in every other building permit he issued.  


Site layout and stormwater drainage are the first steps in property development. This information is available in every handyman’s book or manual. If common sense does not guide a builder into knowing that you cannot divert more storm water onto a neighboring property than before the redevelopment, any Do-it-yourself 101 states the law does not allow to new redevelopment to divert more storm water onto a neighboring property than before. A new property redevelopment cannot devalue a neighboring property. In this case my property lost a value of $10,000 before the project was even completed.


Legally non conforming properties are restricted to not being allowed to have new structures larger than the existing structures. This should have been the end of this story. The worst that could legally have happened would have been this neighbor made an investment into a property that is not developable. Based on the size of the structures this neighbor built on his narrow strip of land. His desire was to have a small farm in the middle of the towns residential district.


In this case the building administrator was aware that this was a legally non conforming property.  For reasons I do not know, this building administrator intentionally violated his duty to represent the State of Iowa building code and drainage laws. 

  • He approved these non conforming structures. 
  • He approved the site layout and drainage. 
  • He approved but failed to document the fill dirt that was trucked in, elevating this property as much as 12 ft in some areas. 
  • He allowed the illegal removal of an existing berm. 
  • He issued fraudulent building permits specifically for this particular person.


Witnesses will testify that when they had a building permit issued this appointed building administrator followed the standard procedures by the book. One instance the witness states that this building administrator questioned the position she had her buildings laid out on her blueprints. Another says that when he was issued a building permit for a new shed he was charged a fee. The building administrator for the Conlee redevelopment knowingly issued five fraudulent building permits.  The permit for the new home there was no fee was charged. The Mayor certainly knew that the property was legally non conforming, he sold the property to Conlee. It has been suggested by multiple neighbors that the building administrator and the Mayor were involved in an arson of the existing double wide mobile home. 


The Mayor’s role in this is relevant concerning a conflict of interest.. The Mayor had a personal financial gain. Ethically he had a duty to step out of any issues concerning this property. He without the authority acted as the building administrator on one occasion in this case. 


 The Mayor has a questionable history regarding properties he has owned. Several years prior to this personal financial gain from the sale of real property an individual addressed the city council about her plan to rent a building and open a tattoo shop. The city council denied her plan, explaining that they did not think a tattoo shop would portray the city in the way they wanted the City to be presented. 


Not long after that, a different person addressed the City council. This individual was requesting  to open a tattoo shop. This person’s intent was to purchase a property from the Mayor and operate the business from that location. The City council gave this person their full support. The Mayor sold his property, he had a personal financial gain and everyone was happy. Some of the city council members were so supportive they put tattoos on their bodies. The complete change of attitude about a tattoo shop opening in the city I suspect may be a self serving purpose having nothing to do with what the council wants the city to be represented as.


  Conlee’s  motive was to acquire my property at any cost. I knew his motive when he refused my verbal request to stop applying the chemicals to my property. Without my property he could never get his illegal redevelopment recorded on the County plat map. His oversized  non conforming structures would never legally fit on his narrow lot of property, no matter which way he positioned his structures. According to Iowa law and according to a statement made by the Mayor on public record, legally non conforming properties cannot be redeveloped with structures having a larger footprint than the existing structures. 


I followed all the standard procedures to remedy the situation. A conspiracy against my Federally protected rights, deprivation of rights under color of law allowed for my private property to be taken by force. An act of contempt of a civil court judge citing my right to use my property as I wished, allowed for me to be tortured. He would not stop the chemical attack until he achieved his goal. Government officials and law enforcement had no intention of stopping him. Refusing to trespass him from my property equals a conspiracy. This neighbor was held above the law in every criminal action that was committed against me. 


Ongoing refusal to review my evidence is not the remedy for this situation. There is no statute of limitations for torture. FBI agent Thomas Reinwart and Assistant US Attorney Kevin VanderSchel’s willfull misconduct and intentional negligence has caused significantly more mental torture. Reinwart admits he used hearsay evidence to predetermine his decision, with no concern of being held accountable for violating my Federally protected rights. VanderSchel knowingly made a false statement advising that he had the authority to violate a civil court order. Neither of them have authority to violate any citizens Federally protected rights. They are not representing the Federal laws. They are representing corrupt State and local public officials under color of law. 




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  1. Hi Mel!

    On Wed, Apr 8, 2020, 5:19 AM Montrose and Lee County, Iowa unprecedented case of chemical warfare used against civilian in Iowa wrote:

    > song boat posted: “. You may have been manipulated into believing that I > was involved with illegal drug activity by the opposing party of government > officials. I witnessed Lee County Sheriff’s officer Bob Conlee make a false > statement associating me with a known pot grower.” >

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    1. Hi Melissa glad to see that your still checking in on my progress. Not much has changed. Getting anyone to comment is like pulling teeth. I have not been active for the past couple months due to Reggie’s illness. Life sure is not as simple for some as it is others is it? Stay safe in this cruel world gf.


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