My case In a nutshell – Google Docs

My case In a nutshell. My well connected neighbor purchased the legally non conforming lot adjoining mine. All construction was done with fraudulently issued building permits by the City of Montrose, Iowa. He did not have enough land to fit his illegal structures on. At that time, 2005 they (the locals) determined his remedy was to eliminate me from my private property. Someone determined that he would apply toxic chemicals to my side only of the common boundary we had both verbally agreed on. When I saw the swath of dead grass on my side of the 300′ common boundary I immediately verbally told this neighbor not to apply anything to my property or come on my property again. I followed up immediately by chasing down the newly hired rookie Police chief and advised him what I had told this neighbor and requested and incident report. It took 16 months to receive a report that indicated I had told this neighbor not to trespass on my property. The chemicals continued this entire 16 months I was waiting for an incident report. By this time my entire body was in full blown severe skin disorder.

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