Conspiracy to cause torture to a civilian by City, County, State, and Federal public officials. Who can justify this brutality? Give me one reason this can happen as defined by the law! DIRTY, ROTTEN, BASTARDS!

Every American citizen should have an opinion as to how and why this can happen to a citizen. I need some reasonable explanation. I am asking for your opinion. I don’t care who you support I simply need to know why you support either party. Your silence only worsens my pain.

I have a case in which my neighbor purchased a legally non conforming property from the Mayor of my small rural town. He removed the existing structures and built new structures none compliant to State building code and drainage laws. The building permits issued are fraudulent. The building administrator refused to address my concerns about the nuisance drainage issue the redevelopment cause to my adjoining property. About city building administrator Mark Holland The brother of this neighbor acted as the authority of a city building administrator. This brother held the government position of the County detective for the Sheriff’s department. He had no jurisdiction to act as any authority for the city. About Bob Conlee
The actual building administrator continued to issue 4 more fraudulent building permits to this neighbor/council member. The spring of the year this neighbor had finished the final dirt work and regrading of the property, illegally diverting all storm water from his lot onto mine he began applying chemicals on my side of our common boundary.
The effects of the chemicals were immediate causing me to suffer a severe skin condition. The effects of chemical to my skin
Having no protection of the law, being denied a trespass against this neighbor by the City and the County Attorney. About Lee County State of Iowa Attorney Mike Short.  I had no other option but to hire an attorney to sue the City for loss of enjoyment of my private property. My attorney advised me that we would sue both parties. Naive to the ways of the justice system I did not realize until the last day of the trial that my attorney took my case for the purpose of assisting the opposing party in acquiring my property. About Steve Swan. The judge cited my right to use my property as I wished.  that was never complied to or enforced by the police. In fact the Police chief assisted this neighbor in every criminal offense he committed against me. About Police Chief Brent Shipman The second year this neighbor continued to cause me personal injury by continuing to apply the chemicals on my property of our common boundary and the City easement. Now he controlled two sides of my property boundaries. The city easement was the point source of a drainage ditch that fed into a slough that feeds into the Mississippi River. The spring thunderstorm washed the chemicals downstream killing every living thing on the properties of two neighbor downstream. The neighbor furthest down contacted the EPA. The field investigator came and took a sample of the soil. I advised him that I needed to know what the chemical was for medical purposes. He looked at my and stated ” I think I know what is causing you suffering”. He advised me to go to the next council meeting and ask what the chemical was because it would take 9 months to get the lab report back. I took his advice and at the next council meeting I followed the rules to speak to the council, this neighbor setting in his seat as a member. I explained that I needed to know what the chemical was for medical purposes, it was obvious to all who saw me that I was suffering severely. When I asked what the chemicals were the Mayor and council just looked at each other. Nobody offered to find out what it was. I got no answer from them. The following day I stopped the director of the Street Dept. I explained what had happened at the meeting. He advised me that the reason nobody could offer me an answer was because nobody except this neighbor knew chemicals were applied to the city easement. Nobody knew what the chemical was, except this neighbor.
It is relevant to mention that in five years there were 4 different Mayors. An unprecedented turnover in council members. Each new individual was briefed by this neighbor/council member. His credibility is easily established by the evidence that he lied under oath multiple times in the civil trial. Conlee vs Boatner.
This is how the case should have been presented since I did in fact take action early on conflicting with what this neighbor stated to the court. Boatner vs City of Montrose. This neighbor had all the right connections to pull this off. Had anyone have been dedicated to their duty instead of the manipulation of this neighbor this could never have happened. About City Clerk Celeste Cirinna, wife of the local FEMA officer. They have implicated themselves on public record. About Mayor Ron Dinwiddie Record that has most likely been altered by assistance with the County Sheriff as he admitted he went to City Hall and spoke with the clerk.
Out of desperation for a remedy I contacted US Senator Charles Grassley. He was all about helping me seek a remedy. He went so far as to request two inquiries on my behalf to the FBI. About US Senator Chuck Grassley Unfortunately the two request for an inquiry never resulted in any FBI contacting me. This was ten years of being patient as he advised.
I took it upon myself to, against my gut to contact the newly elected County Sheriff. I was well aware that he had a conflict of interest with the opposing party. He presented himself as an authority concerned that my rights have been violated. In fact his intentions were anything but upholding the law. About Lee County Sheriff Stacy Weber. Any information that Weber gave about this case to the FBI is false. This can be concluded by the fact that nobody has ever reviewed my evidence. Weber conspired with the City clerk to cover up evidence. He advised me that he had some detectives investigating my allegations. This is in fact false as no detectives have contacted me for the purpose of reviewing my evidence. My evidence is indisputable. These people have absolutely no valid defense. My evidence is clear and convincing hard copy documentation.
I did some research and discovered the division Weber had contacted was not the division listed that covers my area. I then contacted the division representing my area. To describe Reinwart’s actions as an investigation is egregious in itself. About FBI Agent Thomas Reinwart. He traveled to my home 14 months after I had traveled to his division office and was turned away. His purpose for coming to my home was specifically to review my hard copy evidence. He advised upon entering my home that he had no intention of reviewing any of my evidence. As I attempted to touch on the violations of Federal law that were committed against me he seemed lethargic. At no time his I have his full attention. He was constantly checking the time on his watch when not setting seeming like he was stoned. He gave me 2 1/2 hours to attempt to tell a story that had taken place over a period of ten years. It does not take a certificate from the academy to recognize an investigation must contain a review of evidence from both parties. I received a letter from the Washington DC headquarters stating the Agent Reinwart had determined no violation of Federal law. The fact that I received this letter two hours after he left my home is evidence enough to prove incompetence. Reinwart had prematurely made his decision before he even pretended to be investigating my allegations.
Reinwart gave me three different versions of how he submitted my complaint to the US Assistant Attorney Kevin VanderSchel. This in itself is suspicious by any standards. Constancy is a clue to credibility in any investigation.
US Assistant Attorney for the Southern District of Iowa could not have been more intentionally negligent when he advised me that “no matter what the evidence supports he would not prosecute the corrupt State and local public officials as his job duty describes. I do not know what evidence he has or has not been given. What I do know for a fact is that evidence did not come from my records of evidence. I asked VanderSchel if he had the authority to violate a civil court order. He knowingly made a false statement when he told me that he does have that authority. He or nobody else has the right to violate my Constitutional Rights. He has absolutely no authority to violate a civil court order. His actions support that he himself was a co-conspirator in the taking of my property using chemicals as a weapon with intent to cause me serious injury or death. About US Assistant Attorney for the Southern District of Iowa
For five years I stood my ground in an attempt to control my home, business and private property. Five years I was continuously brutally assaulted with chemicals used as a weapon against me. I am a civilian. I am an American born citizen. I was tortured by these public officials for the purpose of acquiring my private property for one of their own. The motive behind the chemical attack was because without the additional property Mark Conlee could never have gotten his illegal property redevelopment recorded on the County plat map. The courts would have ordered him to remove the illegal structures and comply to the law. The law for legally nonconforming properties states that no structures with a footprint larger that the existing structures can ever be built on these type of properties. In this case the entire lot was filled with non compliant structures causing irreparable damage to my property. The Mayor stated on public record that he was aware of these laws.
This is a case of torture as defined by US code. There is no statute of limitations for acts of torture. All of the above named public officials are guilty of co-conspirators of torture. My Federally protected rights have been violated to the highest degree by those who have to duty to protect those rights. City of Montrose, Lee County, Iowa. US Federal officials for the Southern District of Iowa. corruption file
My condition is chronic. I will suffer everyday for the rest of my life from the greed and brutal attack waged against me using chemical warfare. I want my day in court. I want these officials prosecuted to the furthest extent of the law. The evidence in this case supports they are a menace to society. About Mark Conlee

My Doctor says “I am pioneer of the effects Roundup by Monsanto can cause to the human body after being intentionally exposed to the chemical for over five years on a routine basis.

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