9 thoughts on “Civil Complaint against Montrose and Lee County, Iowa unprecedented case of chemical weapons used to eliminate a civilian in Iowa, USA.

  1. Need four volunteers, that want a constitutional government, to serve on a board of directors.

    The board will determine the name of the group and write the purpose and by-laws of the group, and then search for and appoint and educate volunteers to work in the field. (ahampton@suddenlink.net)

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  2. I recommend contacting Institute of Justice.org /private-property. They use the people’s (local gov’t) money for hired guns to go against private citizens. .

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    1. I think when any agency sees my name come up there is a red flag. I wonder what would happen if you or another person would contact them on behalf of a fellow citizen? I have contacted the Institute for Justice and every other org. or agency that claims to represent the rights of the citizens. Always denied, of course they do not give a reason, they do state that a concern of mine should be to get legal rep. due to the statute of limitations. Are they joking me. Am I one of those targeted Americans?

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      1. I know,, not a fan of lawyers myself (big sigh!) and know the brushoff. Serial killers would get better consideration. Yeah, tell you to get legal help. Well, imagine that? BTW: I think everyone is considered one of those Americans anymore until they prove otherwise, or they agree to accept you. It’s not supposed to be that way. If you tried, Pacific Legal would be the other. Surely they have more access and ties to the legal world than you or I do and could point one in the direction or supply a name who would do it. Does someone have to be a hero to do it? Egad!

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      2. I have tried them and every other firm that I have came across. All of them decline to take the case but no explanation as to why. I want to know why. It seems like this would be a high dollar case. I feel like I should be shitting in tall cotton instead of struggling to get the money to travel to my next Dr appt. Should I just say hell with it and invoke my 2nd amendment rights and take a chance with a jury of my peers. At least I would have the opportunity to prove my case?


  3. I meant to send the advertisement message to Allandouglas and Bullright. If they didn’t get it, I might have to resend.

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