Taking of Property by use of chemical weapons in the Heartland

I am a single female senior citizen needing a voice. My government officials used chemical weapons (glyphosate) to eliminate me from my private property. This continued on a weekly basis for over 5 years. The chemicals were applied to my side of the 300′ common boundary of my neighbor/council member. The effect the chemicals had on my body is extreme and chronic. 

The Feds claim no violation of Federal law has occurred.  When were private property rights removed from Federal protection? 

I was forced to flee from my home, business and the outright enjoyment of the property I had owned for 15 years, to escape the chemicals. There was a civil court order citing my right to use my property as I wished. That court order was never complied with or enforced. I was denied filing a trespassing complaint against this neighbor. 

This neighbor needed my land to have enough to get the illegal structures he built on his otherwise worthless nonconforming property legally recorded on the County plat map. He purchased his lot from the Mayor. The evidence is indisputable.  Public record shows the Mayor knows that legally non conforming properties can not have new structures larger that the existing structures. This neighbor built structures fitting a farm including barn on a 70’w X300’l lot in town. The building permits are fraudulent. 

I was harassed by City and County officials who committed document fraud and brought criminal charges against me based on fabricated law on behalf of their friend. I had no protection of the law. When I fled my skin was so severe that anything touching it was unbearable because of the intentional exposure. 

I take methotrexate in an attempt to control the condition. Methotrexate has serious side effects to internal organs.  I was blind as a result of the intentional exposure and homeless the following 4 years. I was a self employed upholsterer. I purchased my property because it provided a home, workshop and garage. 

No authority has ever reviewed my evidence, yet the FBI has determined no violation of Federal law has occurred.The AUSA advises that he has the authority to violate that civil court order with no court procedure. I believe the AUSA is knowingly making a false statement.  

I am not an attorney with the duty to protect the rights of the citizens of the US. I know all reasonable citizens know that nobody has the right to do anything to another person’s property.There is no case similar on record in the US.  

My private property was taken without just compensation.