4 thoughts on “The effects of chemical weapons in direct contact with my skin. Intentional exposure to eliminate me from my private property.

    1. Well if I were the person who was applying the chemicals to my private property I would have had the foresight to wear protective clothing wouldn’t I. If you look at the photo evidence you will discover that the chemicals caused me a full body severe skin condition. How about the remedy being as the law provides? Nobody has the right to do anything to another persons property? This was no accident. This was a malicious, brutal chemical assault for the purpose of eliminating me from my private property.


    2. Like gloves were going to protect the rest of my body, is that what you are suggesting?
      How about law enforcement doing what they do for every other private property owner? File a trespass against this bully invader. Oh, the Police Chief did not want to make my assailant mad.


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